Wen Type Valve Features


CRD Wen Type Valve Features

Accurate air Volume Control: Through the digital controller and proportional fast electric drive positioning, the wind can be quickly adjusted, air volume control accuracy ±5%, to ensure that the venturi valve in the static pressure changes, still can maintain the set constant air volume.

The range of air flow regulation is wide: The volume range reaches 0~8000 CMH, and the Chengwen valve pipe diameter is ∮150~350mm.

Quick reaction: Response time for control signal and wind volume Change: 2.5 sec.

High reliability: This series of venturi valve design anti-dust, maintenance-free, and measuring airflow device without moving components, improve the stability and durability of this product.

Control mode switching function: This series of venturi valve can be different according to the control mode, select the appropriate digital controller, electric drive, adjust to the fixed Air volume Bellows unit CAV or Variable Air Volume bellows unit, windmill or reheat coil tube terminal box unit.

Anti-chemical: This series of venturi valve can be used in accordance with the actual nature, the environment, the choice of galvanized steel plate, stainless steel plate or coating highly corrosion-resistant ETFE materials, with super chemical resistance to ensure long-term safe and stable operation of the system.

Low air leakage rate: CRD Venturi valve is specially designed to ensure that the venturi valve is completely closed with a very low air leakage rate.

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