ETFE / ECTFE Coated Duct Installation Considerations


Points for attention in installation of ETFE-ECTFE coated air duct

1. Before the installation is not ready, do not arbitrarily remove the protection of the flange on the cover plate, so as to avoid the screw hole position or other factors caused the flange surface damage or distortion. If it is necessary to remove the seal on the flange surface due to the inspection, it shall be closed on the board immediately after the inspection is completed.
2. Installation personnel should be carefully transported, so as not to cause the surface of the air duct damage caused by a pinhole.
3. When the flange of the ETFE/ECTFE coated duct is connected, it must be sealed with a pure PTFE interface (e.g. Polytop Seal). Gasket specifications such as accessories (Table III)
4. Screw teeth should be properly lubricated and kept clean. At the same time need to attach a special screw washer to ensure the correct torque. The screws must be evenly and tightly locked in order (table II).
5. If the flange surface leakage, but the leaking side of the screws have been properly locked, do not tighten the screws again, so as to avoid damage to the flange surface. The correct way is to loosen the diagonal screws half a lap, and then the leak side of the screws with the same power lock. If the leak continues, the PTFE interface seal must be replaced.
6. If the system at high temperature after the leakage, the temperature should be reduced to the normal condition, and then detailed inspection or repair.
7. In addition to the precautions to avoid exposure to overheating cond...

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