Automated Production Equipment

Folding Bed-CRD     Flange Strip Forming Machine-CRD

Folding Bed                                                           Flange Strip Forming Machine

Argon Welding automatic welding machine-CRD     Automatic Welding machine-CRD

Argon Welding automatic welding machine               Automatic Welding machine

4 CGF Flange Forming Machine-CRD     Coating oven-CRD

4 CGF Flange Forming Machine                               Coating oven

Pintifaran-CRD     Cross-ding forming machine-CRD

Pintifaran                                                              Cross-ding forming machine

Large double hanging and bundle forming machine-CRD     Wind sheet Forming Machine-CRD

Large double hanging and bundle forming machine            Wind sheet Forming Machine

Electric Ion Cutting Machine-CRD     Swiss imported spiral pipe forming machine-CRD

Electric Ion Cutting Machine                                   Swiss imported spiral pipe forming machine

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