Tuyere Fittings Series


Circular Diffuser

Features: roll forming, outer frame and inner layer are movable, and two different heights can adjust the blowing angle of air volume. Neck is round neck.

Two-foot round neck diffuser

Injection molding, with 2 ' ' X2 ' ' light steel ceiling, neck rectifier, can make the air flow evenly distributed.
Neck is round neck.

Square-type square neck diffuser

The inner frame and the outer frame are movable, can install the air volume adjusting switch, the tuyere blows to may choose one, two or three direction.
The neck is divided into square neck and round neck.

Double Grille Tuyere

Characteristics: Vertical blades and horizontal blades staggered combination, blade can be adjusted, such as additional air volume adjustment switch, can adjust the air volume.

Line type Tuyere

Characteristics: Aluminum blade angle has 0°, 15°, 30° three kinds of angles to choose from, with the decoration design into arc shape, the need to provide templates.

Line type Grille Tuyere

Characteristics: The front blade is a line fixed blade, can not be adjusted, the rear blade is lattice?

Louver type return Tuyere

Characteristics: The vane is a Venetian design, the vane has waterproof and splash-proof characteristics, the blade fixed can not be adjusted.

Round louver External Mouth

Characteristics: There are hundred blades in the tuyere, and the neck is attached with spring inverted hook, which is convenient to install. Applicable to toilets, kitchen building exterior wall exhaust.

Single-layer Grille Tuyere

Features: single-layer blades can be adjusted in different directions to blow out the angle.

Flower Plate type return wind

Features: The back of the flower board has 1/4 "thick primary over the LU network, suitable for light steel frame type or dark rack-type ceiling, and can have the function of the maintenance hole."

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